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Andy Mitchell

Andy Mitchell studied Creative Design and Education at Loughborough University. He spent his career teaching design and technology in schools, universities and running courses of professional development for teachers. As Deputy Chief Executive of the D&T Association, he has been a national leader for the subject, working with government and its agencies promoting and developing the school curriculum.  He is passionate about design and technology and craft. Since retiring, he has revisited some of the more traditionally based craft skills he developed in his youth.

He has always had an interest in restoring old property, as a boy, being brought up in a 16th century vicarage. For the past 12 years he has lived in Herefordshire, during which time he has been working with locally sourced green and seasoned oak restoring the house where he and his wife live.

The type of traditional clench nailed and ledged oak door being exhibited can be made to fit existing door frames or can be supplied with a new oak frame depending on customer requirements. He is also prepared to fit them in situ if required. The English oak is sourced from local sawmills and the ironwork: hinges, latch and nails he uses come from Birmingham.

Traditional Oak Doors


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