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Peter Horrocks

Born in Oldham, Lancashire. Studied at Leicester College of Art,

Chelsea School of Art and London University.


My work is characterised by a concern for abstraction and carefully constructed structures. Initial images are often drawn from landscape sources with themes such as ‘Traces’, ‘Earth Works’ or ‘Landmarks’, which explore marks left behind in nature. I am  more interested in fragments of the landscape and geological features rather than the bigger picture.

My practice explores the use of natural earth pigments, clays, slate dust, graphite and charcoal.I generally use the pigments dry. They are rubbed into the surface of an acid free board and any structural lines are incised into the surface using a variety of tools. This enables the drawing to become a physical part of the image.

Other works explore the combination of textural qualities and markmaking. Layers of gesso, plaster, pigment, clay etc. are applied wet to canvas or wooden panels. Surfaces are layered, revealing colours beneath the surface by scraping, rubbing, digging and sanding.