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Isobel Hutton

I paint both figurative and landscape pictures. My landscapes  have been influenced by the different countries that I have visited and recent trips to the Arctic Circle, Australia and New Zealand have been particularly inspiring. Since  moving back to North Herefordshire I have concentrated on the local landscapes of this area around Kington and mid Wales. The colours of Herefordshire and contours of The Marches are very distinctive and special to me. The figurative work that I do has a narrative element and the viewer can speculate about what is going on by looking at the body language.

 Oil on canvas remains my favourite medium and I sometimes use tissue paper and other materials such as sand to enhance the texture and provide contrast and interest to the surfaces. Sources of inspiration include the local countryside, maybe a line of poetry or even an everyday scene with people interacting together.

Artists that have influenced me have been the Colourists such as Bonnard, Matisse and early Vuillard. Others include Rothko for his contemplative canvasses of colour masses. Ivon Hitchens for the way he gestures with paint, Nolde’s watercolours of saturated colour and Velasquez for brushwork and technique.

Tel:  01544 340 766

Mobile  07960 976193

E-mail:  isobel.hutton@gmail.com