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Nick Holmes

Nick’s paintings select significant historical and cultural highlights from the films he watches, the music he listens to and the authors and artists he admires. They also make use of drawings purloined during a lengthy career in art teaching in the state sector. Nick describes it as a ‘what you eat, you are’ approach, or one that simply reflects a lifetime’s looking, listening and thinking.

Nick works in acrylics and emulsions for their quick-drying properties. He uses an overhead projector as a means to help size, place and overlay his images.

He trained in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in the early ’60s, and taught the subject in the secondary and tertiary sectors until he retired in 2000. He completed an MA at Sunderland University in 2003 and has since been shortlisted for the John Moores Liverpool Painting Competition, and was a finalist for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize in London in 2016. He was a prize-winner in the Old Mayor’s Parlour Open Competition in 2017. His work can be viewed at www.nickholmesart.co.uk