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Alan Mathews

It all began with ‘Meccano’. My inspiration stems from this wonderful toy and on reflection still applies today. Further inspiration came from my artist neighbour and friend who challenged my statement that ‘I could do better’, to which she replied, ‘well, why don’t you’ and here we are today.

I come from a long line of engineers and started my long career in the aircraft industry working alongside 13,000 other workers contributing to the manufacture of the Valiant V bomber to the Concorde. I ran my own toolmaking and plastic moulding company for 35 years and have gone full circle in 70 years, having seriously downsized to recycling odds and ends, bits and pieces of scrap and rubbish that most people would regard as junk.

The components that form these unique lamps you see here have been carefully selected to be compatible with each other and never to be repeated.

The lamps are all PAT tested and come with a certificate of conformity.