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Rebecca Finney

‘all irresistibly impelled to the achievement of this moment’

      Jacquetta Hawkes, ‘A Land’

Recording the world around me through photography, drawing and text, I am primarily interested in place, land and landscape. I view landscape as a palimpsest, a many layered document that has been written on and erased over and over again, that simultaneously contains evidence of the present and back through time into deep history. The materials I collect are influenced by research into European art, poetry, philosophy, landscape history, social history, mapping, ecology and geology, and form the basis for paintings, artist books and poetry.

Most recently I have been depicting aerial views of Herefordshire. Imagery is sourced using OS Explorer maps and Google Earth and relates to land familiar to me: that I have walked through, driven past, photographed and painted as more traditional views. I enjoy the way the aerial viewpoint shifts the perception of a landscape familiar as vistas and views by making more apparent the land’s form and uses. I aim to make paintings that represent the accumulation of events that lead to that which we see now whilst creating compositions that have an aesthetic and material appeal.