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Angela Gladwell

I trained at my local art college Walthamstow East London, for 4 years and then at the Royal College of Art, London for 3 years, gaining an M.A. RCA in fine art (no-one has ever asked to see the actual piece of paper and it has now been coiled  up with its red ribbon for so long that it is unlikely ever to lay flat again).

I have always been interested in natural history and that theme often comes into my work, however having painted all my life I found many other things to interest me as subjects.  Some of them fall into clear-cut categories like still life, landscape and portrait, but others have become a mixture of different things and therefore are not so easy to describe in words.

I have been working on paintings to do with beaches and rock pools for a long time. I use both watercolour and oil paint, not of course, on the same picture, and very occasionally acrylic, and I tend to mostly produce fairly large pictures. I like to paint things that are visually beautiful, interesting, and peculiar, and apart from that I hope the paintings speak for themselves.

See web-site........www.angelagladwell.co.uk  for more detailed biography and CV, and images.