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Adam Watson

I was born in 1955 to a musician mother and an engineer father; various artistic forebears also injected a healthy dose of creativity, but somehow I still managed to spend 25-odd years chained to a desk in central London...

The creative urge finally got the upper hand in the late 1990s when I threw away the suit and tie to change career and became a bookbinder. In 2002, I upped sticks to Hereford where for several years I had a small bindery in Bastion Mews, producing weird and wonderful (and indeed sometimes rather impractical) nature-inspired books, as well as books for Hereford Cathedral and the Chained Library. A deep-rooted love of nature and things natural has always pervaded my work and I concentrate on using natural, sustainable fibres: wood, leather, paper, linen, silk, depending on what it is I'm making.

For my own pleasure, I play the harp, design and make many of my own clothes (including four kilts), do tapestry, beadwork and other needlework and occasionally even find time to run my B&B!