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Lewis Goldwater

Turnham Green Wood was established in 2011 by Herefordshire-based green woodworker, Lewis Goldwater. Inspired by the natural forms and strengths of wood, I aim to create hand-made, bespoke coppice products using traditional techniques, such as cleaving, pole-lathing and hand-carving green wood.

All of the wood that I use, is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and wildlife sites, that are protected for their wildlife and people’s enjoyment of it.

Wood is living and renewable. Wood can be made into so many things. And using wood carefully and with thought can benefit everyone and nature.

Trees are a precious resource which must have a purpose and a place in our lives. By using wood, we can become closer to trees, we can appreciate how they have grown; we can feel what wood wants to be; we can create; we can make; we can value our skill and learn to love wood again.


E: turnham.green.wood@gmail.com