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Pam Ford

I was born and educated in Liverpool, where I trained at the College of Art, specialising in interior and spatial design in the early 60s, a lively and colourful time to be there.

I worked in this discipline for over 30 years, specialising in hotel, restaurants and pubs, occasionally also the living quarters for supertankers and oil rigs.

Moving to Herefordshire in 1974 I fell in love with the beautiful border countryside. Whilst I taught part-time at Hereford College of Art, I travelled extensively, mainly for work.  I loved the serendipity of chance in these travels and the images they offered me.  Perhaps inevitably, the ambiguity of spatial illusions fascinates me, together with a love of the effects of light and shade and colour.  I try to create reactive rather than organised images, guided as much by the materials I use as the emotions I feel.

I find acrylic suits my working methods and the occasional addition of graphite, pastel or oil pastels give added textual qualities.  I continue to experiment.

I have work in private collections throughout the UK and in California, USA.