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Clare Conrad

I studied BA(hons) Ceramics at UWE Bristol graduating in 1987 and have exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad since then.

I moved to Kington in 2017 and love every aspect of it, not least the stunning countryside on the doorstep in every direction.

My work is an exploration of colour and texture inspired by the effects of light and ageing on architecture, artefacts and landscape. Many years of experimentation has resulted in my technique, of layering vitreous slip onto wheel-thrown vessels, which provides a rugged texture to contrast with the smooth matt inside. The slips are formed from the three primary pigments, which are intermixed to give an infinite palette. The pots are fired to stoneware temperature in an electric kiln, which gives me total control over the subtlety of the finished colours. The high firing temperature renders the piece strong and waterproof – the surface and colours fully permanent and lightproof.