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Rosemary Proctor

Rosemary Proctor is a local artist who currently lives in Almeley but has also spent time living in Kington, Hereford and southern Spain. Rosemary's work is primarily focused around art in nature and she works with acrylics, watercolours and pencil and ink.

From an early age Rosemary had an interest in art and spent many hours drawing as a child, this interest in art along with Rosemary's skill encouraged her to pursue further education at Hereford college of art and design. Rosemary's increasingly busy life raising two children and her work in the care industry led to her having a break from her art. Rosemary's passion for art however was later rekindled when she began designing and painting floats and the frontage of the Wine Vaults for the Kington festival and decorating wheelbarrows for the Kington wheelbarrow race.

Rosemary later joined her mother, Thelma in going to art classes at 'Stable Art' at Kingswood Hall which led Rosemary to produce more art on canvas and from this came an opportunity for an exhibition of her art alongside her late mother's art at the Burton Hotel Kington.